old boy gets the crowd going on Southeastern trains

It goes against the grain of every commuter, but a pensioner travelling on a Southeastern train service last week managed to get everyone on the usually silent service not just talking, but singing.

Passengers travelling on the last London Victoria to Ashford service on Friday night were serenaded by the sprightly geriatric, who suddenly got to his feet to treat commuters to a rendition of Scout song Kumala Vista.

Happily bellowing his way through the song, the well-dressed gentleman appears happily oblivious to the mocking laughs of other passengers – or the quietly observing train security figure behind him.

Showing energy perhaps unusual for his age, the pensioner bounced up and down conducting the carriage’s eruption of laughter and singing before ending his performance to a big round of cheering and applause from commuters.

Maidstone resident George Haswell caught the entire event on camera, showing passengers' mixed reactions to the pensioner.

The laughter continues as after singing to the carriage the gentleman vanishes, only to re-appear now wearing what looks to be a train-conductor’s hat before requesting travellers’ tickets.

Still, maybe there's hope for all commuters if the shrill silence of a Friday commute can be broken by a jovially drunk old man and his personal rendition of Kumala Vista.

We only hope he wasn’t nursing too much of a sore head the following morning.

Story first appeared in The Independent.