are the trainline ads annoying, effective or both?

It is widely agreed that most advertising is not even noticed, yet alone ignored.

In fact, over £18bn was spent on all forms of advertising last year, of which 4% was remembered positively, 7% negatively and a staggering 89% not even remembered at all.

With these figures in mind the number one priority when briefing your agency should be, above all else, get my ad remembered - something 9 out of 10 advertising pounds fails to achieve. Which is exactly what the trainline have managed to do in this series of TV ads.

I don't think they are particularly well done and I also find them highly annoying but the end result is they are most definitely memorable. Yes, this may be for the wrong reasons but surely it is better to be remembered for the wrong reasons that not even remembered at all?

Too many marketers assume their campaigns will be remembered, without remembering to make them memorable in the first place!