can you see past the natural uplift and in to January?

So the festive period is nearly upon us and the Xmas campaigns are starting to hit the streets.

In return, transport operators are hoping the public are going to ditch their cars and taxis to jump on the bus or train instead. A few beers with the boys, shopping with the girls or a night out with work colleagues - all reasons to encourage modal shift at this time of year.

But playing devil's advocate, if there was one time of the year when there would be a 'natural' uplift in passenger numbers anyway, surely this is it? I really think people would ditch their cars without the expensive ad campaign encouraging them to do so. Despite the days being cold and dark, they hop on public transport in their thousands.

But what happens come January, when the days are still cold and dark? When there's no natural reason to ditch the car and public transport looks, arguably, least attractive.

Why are no ad campaigns to be seen? Is it because operators have spent up for Xmas, don't believe there is a revenue opportunity in this particular month or haven't even considered a January promotion in the slightest.

Perhaps it's all three.