why did Tesco go belly up in America?

Six years ago Tesco launched their Fresh & Easy stores in America.

They had done their research; asked their questions, looked at the numbers, and got their answers. Americans wanted fresh, convenient, organic, quality products at a good price from a store that was socially and environmentally responsible.

So that's what they provided, building 200 Fresh & Easy stores in just five years - giving the Americans everything they asked for, right down to a sparse design, solar roofing and hybrid car parking.

Six years later, the company was losing $22m a month and had to file for bankruptcy. So what went wrong for the company that can do no... wrong?

On a nutshell, Tesco failed because they used their mountain of research as hard and fast answers rather than a springboard for creative risk taking. They took what people told them literally and failed to apply any context.

As a wise man once said "Testing is a great way to kill magic or approve mediocrity, whichever you are going for".

You can read the full extent of Tesco's mistakes here.