why half the country hating your product could be a good thing

There aren't many brands that are gutsy enough to base their whole advertising strategy on the fact half the people in the country hate their product.

Fortunately for the ad industry, Marmite don't have a problem in doing just that. Over the last few years they have concentrated their marketing message on the great divide between lovers and haters of the product, and are never afraid to push the boundaries somewhat in doing so.

This ad has received over 250 complaints (to the Advertising Standards Authority), something that has led to more PR coverage than you can shake a stick at. The video was filmed as a tongue-in-cheek documentary, following a team rescuing forgotten Marmite jars at the back of cupboards. 


The first TV work for the brand in two years, the advert is also running on YouTube and the brand’s Facebook page. A Twitter hashtag to discuss the campaign #MarmiteNeglect has also been created.

Love it or hate it, you can't deny Marmite produce advertising that gets talked about.

How many brands can say that?