Trent Barton go new, and go live

Self proclaimed 'really good bus company' Trent Barton have got a spanking new website as well as a new video to promote its 'Live' concept.

So what do you reckon?  For me both the site and video are bright, cheerful, informative and definitely on-brand, although interesting to see how many views the video (below) has received after six months.

If the information available benefits the potential/current customer and is provided in a manner which is consistent with the company's positioning, you can't go far wrong.

Is it better than most other bus company websites? Probably. Could it be improved? It's made a great start but I've no doubt they'll be some tweaks to come as teething problems are rectified.

Apparently it was over a year in the making, and only customers of the brand will be able to say whether it was worth the wait.