Go-Ahead fall foul of The Plain English Campaign

Go-Ahead in London has recently been criticised for the language it used in some job adverts.

The ads, for a conductor on the new Boris bus, used phrases such as 'passenger assistant', 'good face to face communicator' and 'customer facing experience' in the body copy - and were summed up by the The Plain English Campaign as 'gobbledegook'.

A spokesman for The Campaign suggested "Wanted - helpful bus conductor" would seem a lot clearer.

For me 'gobbledegook' is taking things a little too far, although I agree for this particular job role that the wording could have been phrased a little differently.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with trying to sell the role you are advertising, there are some cases when this approach is more appropriate than others.

CEO yes, bus conductor possibly not.


  1. I don't think Go-Ahead London are alone on the use off buzz words for junior positions. Many retailers are happy to over sell their vacancies for shelf stackers with plenty of gobbledegook thrown in for good measure!


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