Apple's latest TV ad goes all 'brand'

By and large Apple have built their advertising portfolio highlighting product benefits.

Despite the fact that mentioning product benefits seems like a simple yet effective ad strategy, very few companies manage to do it at all - let alone do it as stylishly as Apple.

They went against the grain near enough from the start. And even when they didn't do product benefits and did 'brand' (Think Different springs to mind) it was still, well, different. It still stood out against all the other instantly forgettable brand messages on TV.

But that was back when Steve Jobs, master marketer, was at the helm. In the two years since Jobs passed, its is fair to say that Apple's advertising hasn't lived up to the precedent he'd set.

And now they have produced this 'stick a different logo at the end and it could be anybody' piece of branding work.

Much as I love a bit of Apple in my life, this ad is getting it wrong on too many levels.