how to approach your advertising

A few little snippets to help you create more effective advertising...

  • It should sell the benefits of your product rather than your brand. Leave that 'emotional connection' stuff to the the perfume and sunglasses people.
  • If you want effective, talked about advertising, don't try to please everybody and offend nobody. Who remembers a house painted vanilla?
  • Tell potential customers something interesting about your product. Be warned, you might have to work quite hard on this one.
  • Over 15 million adults in the UK have a literacy level of primary school age. That doesn't mean you talk down to customers, but it does mean you should talk accordingly.
  • Don't use a long paragraph when a well constructed short sentence will do. Simple is difficult for most people to do but unfortunately, it's also most effective.
  • If you can't be different (and let's be honest not everyone can be different), just be distinctive. 
Let me know how you get on.