we put a smile into bus driver recruitment

A while ago on this blog we wrote a story about the lack of investment in the creative side of bus driver recruitment.

"Why are some clients happy just to resize the same old bus driver ad time after time? How many times do you see the 'Bus drivers wanted, £8 an hour, free uniform...etc' appearing in the press? Can't they take a leaf out of other areas of the business, and be more creative?"

You can read the whole moan here.

One client must have been reading our minds, as shortly after, a juicy recruitment brief from First in the west country landed on our desks.

The objective of the campaign was to flip the traditional 'job title, hourly rate etc' approach to advertising in favour of something more engaging and refreshing. They wanted the work to appeal to people who hadn't necessarily thought of driving a bus for a living but enjoyed working with people, and could transfer those skills.

If all the applicants were good with people, then that's great start to become a modern day bus driver for one of the industry's leading operators.

Everyone knows that drivers get a bad rap in the industry, and quite often, justifiably so. At least this client has realised that if you want something to change, it might have to be you that does the changing.