god help their clients

This is an extract from the website of a communications agency 
based in America. We are told it is their 'belief'.

And I quote... "Co-creating with brands and people in the Phygital world. Modern consumers are "connected protagonists." They are the heroes of their own stories and, thanks to technology, they now have access to an audience of unprecedented size. 

This presents brands with powerful new opportunities for growth, if brands give consumers the currency to create and share better stories. That currency is content - be it entertainment, connection, experience or information - as long as it is created with the understanding that we live in a Phygital world, where the physical and digital parts of our lives are one and the same. 

We believe that only through co-creating currency with brands and people - instead of for people - can you guarantee authentic engagements that consumers value and want to share. Momentum provides to marketers - in thought and action - the ideas that engage the connected protagonist to build value for brands and people."

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, communication is "the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium".

Yes, you could argue they are imparting but can you really say they are exchanging? Surely an exchange in this context is one person talking and the other understanding, which when put like that should be a rather simple exercise.

If the agency get it so hopelessly wrong, what hope have their clients got!