do you choose your media by default?

I read a great piece the other day about how the brands caught up in the horsemeat scandal have handled the PR side of things.

Put simply, the columnist was commenting on how all of the brands approached the situation in the same way, as if they were following the 'definitive guide to protecting your brand in a crisis' manual.

Irrespective of their individual brand's personality, they took a 'stock solution' approach - either because they didn't have time to think of something for themselves or they didn't want to.

This got me thinking about many of the briefs we get here at mhd.
Nearly all will have a DL leaflet (for racking at station/Travel shops) and some sort of poster (at station/on bus) as default media requirements, and more often than not something for Facebook and Twitter too. Is this because transport companies lack imagination when it comes to media options, so revert to what they have always done or because these mediums have always proved successful so change is deemed too risky?

Making information available on your product, and where people buy tickets to use your product, makes perfect sense (as long as you can prove it's working) but that's not to say there aren't a myriad of other avenues open to the you.

They just might require a leap of marketing faith to use.