why do bus companies neglect January?

Every Xmas without fail, bus operators produce marketing campaigns encouraging people to use their product over the festive season.

The message is along the lines of 'enjoy yourself over Xmas and New Year while we ferry you about', perhaps sometimes coupled with a price promotion and usually appear for month of December. For the marketing tick box, it's the budget spent and a good job done.

However, for me, spending lots of money for this period is slightly misguided.

Xmas is the one time of year when people are likely to switch transport modes anyhow - without too much encouragement. Everyone gets more opportunities go out and enjoy themselves socially so bus travel, albeit briefly, becomes a bit more attractive. Yet the marketing budget gets a good going over for little long term benefit to the company.

But what happens come January? In our neck of the woods, not a lot.

January is a time when many people have the best intentions of changing their lifestyle plans for the better, yet how many ad campaigns can be seen around now? Perhaps I'm being naive but surely there is an opportunity here somewhere.

So why not spend a little less, when everyone is spending a little more - and use the saving to make January a key part of your marketing plan? As the gents at Apple say, Think different.