this man sells fish unlike any other

Companies spend millions trying making their products stand out in a crowded market place, and getting people to remember their messages.

And even then it may not succeed.

Sometimes, however, it can be done not by out-spending the competition but by out-thinking them.
Nowhere is this principle displayed more effectively than with the video below displaying the sales pitch of the now infamous 'One pound fish' man.

His brief to himself? 'Promote my two £1 fish offers (fish for £1 and 6 pieces for £5) to passing potential customers and raise the public profile of my fish stall'. Thanks to mobile phones and social media, you could say his return on investment has been pretty impressive for at least half of his objectives.

Subsequently he has recorded a song and had it released on iTunes, received over 13 million views of his official video on YouTube, over 8 million views of this clip, appeared on Soccer AM and been interviewed by BBC World News, The Xtra Factor and AlJazeera TV among others.

Not a bad effort to be fair so let's hope he's sold some more fish too.