do your staff practise what you preach?

To my knowledge all bus and train operators offer all staff (and often immediate families) free travel on their own services.

Yet whenever I have a meeting at a client's offices, the cars parks (of bus companies especially) are usually packed to the rafters with vehicles of all shapes and sizes. These are people who choose to take their car to work yet have the option to get there for free. A strange choice?

Should they have a sense of loyalty to the product/brand they are paid to represent or should they be free to do as you choose? In reality, it's always going to be the latter.

Although it surprises me that more workers don't take advantage of this particular staff benefit, one can imagine they have the same reasons for not taking the train/bus/tram as everyone else - lack of flexibility, timing issues and dislike of the product itself.

So if you can't convince your own employees to do it for free, you've got to work damn hard to convince the public to pay for it.