First get free with their tickets

If you live in Greater Manchester or the Yorkshires, First Bus are giving away free day tickets in your neck of the woods.

As part of the promotional push that seems to prevalent around the group, in return for 5 minutes worth of personal information on their website (here) locals will be a sent a free First Day ticket for them to try the bus with.

For me, there is no denying that non users find certain bus tickets a little less than value for money - especially for standard return journeys or where there is a larger group travelling - in comparison to taking the car. So what better way to convince them otherwise than with a 'try before you buy' incentive.

Not only does it gives sceptics a chance to see the benefits of bus travel but also means the operator has to step up to the plate on the basics and deliver a service they are proud of (something they should be doing as standard admittedly).

Would be interesting to know what other marketing they are doing to promote the offer in the region too.