our superhero gets students on a First bus

We've just finished a campaign aimed at get more students on board First buses in Bath, and it's SUPER.

We wanted to do something really exciting and different. Something that the students would engage with, something Devastatin'!

So we introduced them to Devastatin' Dave!
"Dave gets a kick out of being your transport slave.
"With his pants of power, he’s happy to take the strain and ferry you and your friends around Bath all day long. If you’re at a loose end, don’t worry, Dave and his pants will be with you before you know it.
"He does the donkey work, you enjoy the ice cream. Devastatin’!"
What did we do?

The campaign included posters, leaflets, bus coves and plasma screens in the Uni. As well as a facebook page and a twitter feed.

We also produced a range of material for the fresher's fairs which included a stand, a wheel of fortune game, Dave cutouts, t-shirts and prizes.

Did it work?

The week after the Bath Uni, fresher's fair sales were up 249% on last year. Nice one Dave!