Facebook choose TV to advertise their product

According to Facebook's TV advert, their site is 'like chairs'.

Yep, the site you look at two or three times a day to catch up on gossip, tales from the weekend and have a moan about life, is like chairs.

The site where you totally ignore the ads (they're on the right hand side as a rule) is like chairs.

No convinced it's like chairs? Have a look.

Do Facebook really need to let people know what Facebook is and what you can use it for? Well, they think they do and have spent a hefty chunk of money doing so. Not only that, they've chosen a good old fashioned TV spot as their medium of choice. So much for the power of social media as an advertising platform.

I have learnt two things by watching this.

1. Some people in the world don't know what Facebook is for.
2. If you want lots of people to know something about your product, use a TV ad, not social media.