latest TV advert from TransPennine Express

It's taken me a while to spot this as I live way out of their broadcast region but I quite like the latest TV ad from TransPennine Express.

It's light hearted, shows consistency with the visual style of the website and does a good job of selling their network. There's also the call to action to save up to 50% when you book online which in anyone's language sounds like a good deal.

(I like the voice-over too and it's bugging me I can't think of the lady's name).


If I had to take issue with any of it from a punter's point of view, there would be two things.

For the people who believe train travel is expensive it would have been beneficial to see some sample fares to see the type of saving they could make from buying through their website.

I would also question if it gives people a real reason to take the train over other forms of transport (which surely must be the objective). Is it quicker, less stressful, more direct etc?

Apart from those two little gripes, an enjoyable watch.