see how design can distort reality

Ever wondered what the London Underground map would look like if it was a real geographical map and not a designed one?

It's a well known fact that original map of London's rapid transit railway system was just like any other of the time. It was not until the 1930s and a company employee called Harry Beck - who realised that as the railway ran mostly underground, the physical locations of the stations were irrelevant - that the map took on its current 'schematic' approach.

Harry took on the redesigning as an uncommissioned project in his spare time and although his bosses were initially sceptical, they agreed to release it quietly in a small leaflet.

His new look map immediately caught on.

This is great little graphic that shows the real underground map, the version that Beck design and the map as it currently stands today.

Inspiration for some bus companies perhaps? Let's hope so.