is Apple's advertising change risky?

Over the last 20 years Apple, under the guidance of Steve Jobs, built themselves into one of the world's biggest companies through the innovative development of some superb entertainment products.

It was also responsible for some of the most simple, stylish and effective advertising campaigns ever seen. Their approach was very much along the lines of 'Here's our product, you can see the benefits, so go and buy it'.

It was all about the product - not emotional engagement or brand awareness. It was about giving you a reason to buy through the execution of a product demonstration.

Like this.

Then, just a year ago when the hugely autocratic Jobs passed away, some people expressed concern how/if the company's approach to advertising would change.

As Bob Hoffman commentated at the time "The product pipeline will take years to screw up. But the ad pipeline can be screwed up in no time."

Their latest campaign in the U.S tries to be funny (I think) and clearly shows that people without the advertising knowledge of Jobs are calling the shots. All that has made their advertising great (the simplicity, the product demonstration, the unique style) seems to have gone out the window.

Like this.

Is this the start of Apple's downfall? Highly unlikely as their products are too good and too many people buy Apple without advertising persuasion but it definitely shows the warning signs of Jobs' absence are there.