First Great Western's new TV ad

Take a look at the new TV ad from First Great Western and tell me what you think.

Beautifully shot using stunning imagery of the south west? Check.

Good looking family enjoying themselves in most of the shots? Check.

Giving the viewer a real reason to take the train over the car? Er, no, not really.

Much as you can look back at the British Rail ads from the 80s and mock their dated production, there is no doubt that Jimmy Savile did his best to convince you that there was benefit in taking the train.

For me, First Great Western's effort, as lovely as it is, is too much style over too little substance.


  1. What was the ad for? Cider? holiday in the SW? Relationship counseling?

    Buggered if I know. If it's a brand ad that's supposed to 'engage me', well yea, we all feel that way about Great Western don't we?

    Also, the entire campaign seems a bit similar to last years, or i am the only person that took any notice and remembers how invisible it really was.


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