can you put value on Facebook fans?

How much do you think your Facebook fans are worth?

Cider brand Bulmers has supposedly 'proved' that their fans on the social network site Facebook are worth £3.82 a week more in sales than non-fans. Really?

Surely those people who drink Bulmers are far more likely to be a fan of the brand on Facebook than those who drink another cider brand? So therefore those who like it (drink it) and more likley to buy more than those who don't like it (drink another cider brand)?

Although social media advertising is usually a nailed-on part of every marketing plan these days, the returns on investment marketers actually get are yet to be established.

Board members are getting a little nervous about being told they are spending money in the right places, but not seeing money coming back in to the business as a direct result.

Although social media can have an important place at the marketing table for many brands, one thing it certainly isn't is the holy grail of customer growth. Nothing on its own is.

I'm not sure Bulmers findings are enough to convince senior managers that proportion of their budget shouldn't be spent somewhere with a more proven track record of success.

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