bride takes the bus to her wedding

It's customary for brides to take a really special form of transport to their wedding venue, with a vintage Mercedes, Rolls Royce and horse drawn carriage being among the most popular.

Therefore it's not often you see a bride in her wedding dress on the 407 service to Sutton Registry Office... 

But that's exactly what happened when Jenny Klochko decided to take herself and her two bridesmaids on a single decker for the journey to her wedding venue. 

On telling her husband-to-be of her plans, he made sure they give themselves a whopping two hours (it was just two stops) to ensure they got to the church on time 'as he could not trust public transport'.

Although travelling this way on your special day is relatively rare in the UK, it is common-place in Jenny's native Ukraine - as brides give those not invited to the wedding the chance to see her on her special day.

Not sure what it says about the great British public though as nobody had the courtesy to offer their seat, so she had to stand for her entire journey!

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