Ryanair's sexy calendar only gets 8,000 complaints

Ryanair's risqué charity calendar, featuring a new line-up of scantily-clad female cabin crew, has received over 8,000 complaints from members of the public, while an ad promoting it is being investigated by the ASA for being "sexist".

Ryanair released the 2012 calendar last November, promising to donate all proceeds from the £10 calendars to the "butterfly children" of the Debra charity, which helps people suffering from the skin condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB).

It has drawn 8,610 complaints from members of the public with a petition on change.org started by "cabin crew against sexism", accusing the airline of being sexist and calling it to drop the calendar.

The calendar, which Ryanair first started selling in 2008, is available from ryanair.com, on board Ryanair flights and from Debra's Irish and Spanish charity shops.

A spokesperson for Ryanair said: "This proves only that there are 7,000 prudes, but thankfully there are 10,000 charitable people that have bought the calendar each year, raising €500,000 for charity."

Something tells me Ryanair will be pretty disappointed with only 8,00 complaints. I wonder what they'll try next year?