how did you score?

The questions have been asked, the boxes ticked and the scores are in.

The great train travelling public have spoken, so here are a few snippets from the recent National Passenger Survey results.

  • Over 30,000 rail travellers were surveyed, with satisfaction scores for individual routes ranging from an impressive 95% to a poor 72%.
  • National Express East Anglia had the lowest overall satisfaction score of 77%, while the ever popular Grand Central had the highest rating at 95%.
  • Passengers satisfied with the value of their train ticket dropped from 49% to 46%.
  • The highest ratings after Grand Central were achieved by Heathrow Express (93%), Merseyrail (93%), London Overground (92%) and Heathrow Connect (92%).
  • Those lying at the bottom of the list included First Capital Connect (80%), CrossCountry (82%), Southeastern (83%), Southern (83%), Northern Rail (83%) and First Great Western (83%).
  • Only 38% said that the way train companies dealt with delays was either good or satisfactory.
I can't help thinking that if that last statistic can be improved then that would have a significant impact on the overall scores for each and every operator. Brands often underestimate the importance of the way they deal with regular customers' problems.

Time to up your game ladies and gentlemen.


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