when H&M get online wrong

After recently purchasing a couple of items from the H&M website and subsequently trying to return them, I have come to the conclusion that customer service is the be all and end all of retail. 

This won't come as any great surprise but in an age when online spend is at an all-time high, too many companies struggle to get the basics right. And those who struggle, tend to be the ones with a traditional presence on the high street who have since developed an online store.

Taking advantage of some exclusive online discounts, I purchased a number of items. They all turned out to be unsuitable so I was obliged to use their 'Easy to exchange or return service'.

This is how easy it is -

  • I firstly call the courier to arrange a collection but she is not in. I leave my mobile number as a contact. She later texts me a day/time that she can do (for me friends should text each other, couriers should call - as a matter of courtesy). She can pick it up 'in the morning' but as I am at work from 9am-6pm every weekday I can't be there.
  • I call the Customer Service number at 9am today to arrange collection from work. Apparently they are very busy and should be able to answer my call in five minutes. After 15 minutes of them being busy I give in and put the phone down.
  • Reading the small print I realise I can only take it back to my local store for an exchange or credit note. So very helpful. I call the store, who confirm this but don't really know why. They think it's because 'we're different to the website'. Not to me you're not - it's your name on the high street and it's your name on the website.
  • To be fair to the store they did try calling their own Customer Service department for me but couldn't get through. The irony. They have since called back twice to update me, with no update.
  • I have now emailed them with frustration. They reply straight away say 'Thanks for your email. We're very busy at the moment but we'll try to get back to you within three days.' 
So, as a fairly frequent online purchaser, it's fair to say that H&M are driving me slowly round the bend.

All this for a new pair of jeans.


  1. I first call the courier to arrange a collection but they is not in. I leave my mobile number as a contact.

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