it's premium and it's economy

Chiltern Railways are to launch an airline style 'premium economy' class on their services between London and Birmingham. 

The special 30-seat carriage will have wi-fi, large tables and wide seats and comes at an additional cost of £20 per leg of your journey. Passengers will still have to pay extra for any food and beverages.

Chiltern's marketing director Thomas Ableman said: "Businesses told us that space to work and a decent internet connection were absolutely essential. They also told us that additional privacy at key times for increased productivity was valuable."

A great initiative from Chiltern and will be interesting to see how the company promote the new service. However considering it launches on Monday 5 September, it's a little strange that a quick search on the company's website showed up nothing at all.

Still time to put that right though.


  1. Did you miss the mainline section of the site then?

  2. So few trains that have this though. One peak trip from my station.

  3. Searching 'premium economy' on their website does not take you to that page. And you're right, I did.


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