Stagecoach let you sleep between Glasgow and London

Stagecoach are to launch Britain's first sleeper coach service on their Megabus route between Glasgow and London. 

The sleeper coaches are the latest innovation from Stagecoach and will compete with ScotRail's established Caledonian Sleeper service for the overnight passenger who wants some decent sleep.

The sleeper coach fares will initially start at an attractive price of £40.50 for a single journey.

In return, passengers get a duvet, pillow and blanket, along with toothbrush, toothpaste, bottled water, eye mask, free wi-fi and free hot drinks and snacks.

The coaches, which have a toilet, will accommodate 24 passengers who will have a seat as well as a bed for flexibility during the eight-hour journey. The overnight service will be provided by single-decker articulated "bendy" buses, with bunks stacked three high.

Curtains will screen each bunk, but it is expected passengers will sleep in their clothes in the absence of space to change into their nightwear. However, the berths will have reading lights.

The Glasgow-London route was chosen because it is Megabus's busiest overnight service.

It's good to see transport companies setting themselves new challenges in what, for some, are still challenging economic conditions.