staff using social media causing you a headache? here's how we helped First TransPennine Express

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Following on from our anti-bullying campaign FTPE also asked us to look at an awareness campaign highlighting the dangers of social media.

Like a lot of large companies, they have had number of incidents recently where colleagues posted comments and pictures on Facebook that might be considered derogatory, both on a personal level and a business reputational level. Individuals also posted sensitive operational information that had been purposely withheld from the media and customers.

Whilst FTPE had a social media policy in place it was never really pushed to their staff, and as such gave the opportunity for the excuse of ‘ I was never told, therefore I am not responsible.’

Our objective was to highlight, communicate and promote the details of FTPE’s social media policy so that all colleagues were aware of what is considered to be acceptable behaviour. It had to educate, but not necessarily point the finger.

Being a forward-thinking company that uses social media itself, FTPE didn’t want to discourage the use of social media. They are aware it has massive benefits if colleagues are using it to reflect FTPE in a positive light.

Our solution was to create a light-hearted, fact based leaflet and poster campaign that people would take notice of, and then comunicate simply, tips on how to stay safe online.


  1. Are these posters copyright protected? I would like to use one in a not-for-profit handbook on using social media responsibly. Please let me know as soon as you can -

  2. Yes they are copyright protected.

    You could contact First TransPennine Express and ask them if you could use them?

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