South West Trains launch 'Rainbow Day' price promotion

South West Trains has announced plans for its first ‘Rainbow Day’ -  encouraging people to give the train a try from a specified station on their network.

The first ‘Rainbow Day’ will be held at Winchester station on Saturday 20th August and will offer a day return ticket to anywhere on the South West Trains network for just £10 for adults and £5 for children.

Tickets will be sold exclusively at Winchester station ticket office, although a voucher will be required which can be downloaded from their website.

Jake Kelly, Customer Service Director for South West Trains, said:

“We are always looking to see how we can continue to develop our commitment to offering value for money travel through developing new initiatives.

“The Rainbow Day ticket is a great example of this – and the first of its kind on our network, starting with Winchester. This will offer a fast, flexible and very affordable £10 return to anywhere on South West Trains’ vast network.

Couldn't agree more Jake - it's good to see TOCs making use of special events like this to encourage train travel,

Although if you visit the South West Trains website you could be forgiven for thinking the event was even happening at all.

Surely a little more promotion on the site wouldn't go amiss for such a great offer ?