Chiltern up their game. Again.

Last month we told you how Chiltern have upped their game in the fight with Virgin for passengers between the west Midlands and London.

Now they have gone one better.

Chiltern has become the first rail company in Britain to scrap its (complicated) fares system and, from September, introduce a ticket range its customers can actually understand.

Out go the myriad of supersaver, advance and apex tickets and in come just three return fares - the "anytime" ticket priced at £75, the off-peak ticket for £50 and the "super off-peak" ticket for £25. All of which can all be bought on the day of travel.

Thomas Ableman, director Chiltern, said "Passengers tell us they want fast trains, free wi-fi and a simple pricing structure they can understand."

Add in punctuality and I think that just about hits the nail on the head.

Chiltern has a reputation for being a very customer orientated TOC, so let's hope some of their fellow operators soon follow suit.


  1. well we'll see - sounds like PR fluff to me.

    at the moment they are hard selling their advance £5 tickets against virgin, can't see that changing and them allowing virgin to hit them on price.

  2. isn't the point here that they have given the customer what they want, a simpler fare structure?

    This sounds more like 'PR Fluff' to me!

  3. Ok so what has changed today? Nothing - they still sell the cheap £5 advance fares just like they always did. Pr fluff!


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