Go North East are making things simple in Sunderland

Go Ahead have launched their service 36 in Sunderland, with the incentive of trying the bus for free until Monday 11 July.

Sitting alongside the freebie offer the company are promising -

1. No timetable - buses are scheduled to run approx every 10 mins during the day

2. Guaranteed best prices when passengers board - they will refund the difference if you can find the same journey cheaper with another operator

3. A full refund if your journey is delayed for 20 mins or more (and the reason was within Go's control)

4. A service delivery manager who will regularly be out and about on the buses talking to customers.

A great example of Go Ahead bringing real service values to their customer base. As David Haye found out at the weekend, let's hope that all the big promises can be backed up with action as the service gets underway.

You can read more about the launch of SimpliCity here.