Reading Buses ask us to help people

On the back of rising petrol prices and lack of knowledge about bus travel, Reading Buses invited us to produce an integrated campaign to encourage modal shift in the town.

The simple, in-your-face campaign, consisting of 48 & 6 sheets, petrol pump ads, direct mail, on-bus material and screens at The Oracle shopping centre directs consumers to the website

The website not only highlights the great value fares that are available to the people of Reading but also offers those who are wary of using the bus, a pack containing information on their specific route - intended to make their transition to bus travel that bit easier.

The direct mail targeted potential customers on Premier Routes 33/33A with a free journey when travelling with a fare paying customer.

The campaign is scheduled to run for a minimum of six weeks.


  1. That truly hurts my eyes. You preach about other people's ad campaigns and then you produce this tish. Take a look in the mirror. I will not be asking you to pitch for any work for our uk train business now. What a joke campaign.

  2. Anonymous, thanks for your comment. They are always welcome.

    We publish our strong views in what we think makes an effective campaign and will always be honest in our appraisal.

    We believe, as a company, that advertising is very simple - find something different about your product and then find an interesting way to communicate it. Simple, specific, benefit-led.

    If you look back at our posts I hope you'll see we not only offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, but also and probably more often, praise campaigns which we think will be effective.

    Effective is the important point here. Not whether we like them, but if we think they will work.

    The above campaign, while not to everyone's taste, is doing its job and selling more bus tickets. The client is happy. No joke.


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