free Whoppers, for staring at Whoppers

Burger King in America has given away 50,000 Whoppers this week and counting on TV in a very clever new campaign.

If you stare at a spinning Whopper for 5 minutes – you get a free Whopper. If you stare at it for 10 minutes you get 2 free Whoppers, and so on.

So far, Americans have stared for over 300,000 minutes. If viewership continues at this pace, they will have stared at a spinning Whopper for 13,500 hours (810,000 minutes) before the weekend comes around.

But how do they know people are actually watching I hear you ask? Well because alerts pop up at random intervals. If the viewer doesn't press the corresponding button on their remote, they don’t get the Whopper. Simple and very clever.

It begs the question, would people stare at a spinning bus or train for a free ride? Hmm can't really see Buslust!