the Swedes go that little bit further

Passengers on Stockholm's local transport network can now design a personalised smart card ticket featuring their own choice of image.

Passengers ordering a smart card can upload a personal photo from their home computer, or select a picture from an online gallery. The card is then printed and mailed out within a few days.

Philippe Cambriel of Gemalto (who produce the smart cards) said the idea 'gets consumers bonded to their card', and 'will be a powerful feature to accelerate the phase-out of paper tickets.' The company set up the project in less than three months, and there has been a 50% take-up rate since its launch in February.

'Offering our commuters a travel card that is unique to them is an innovative way to provide a more personal level of service', Philippe said.

Although smart card ticketing is in its infancy in this country, this is definately one idea that could help benefit marketing of the technology in the long term.

As one company says in their ads, "Every little helps".


  1. and you could do that 2 years ago in Bournemouth on yellow buses' smartcard glo.


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