Carlsberg take the easy way out

Carlsberg have announced they aim to double profits of their flagship brand by 2015 - not by revamping the product but by revamping its branding. 

The change, which is to include a new range of packaging, advertising and a new slogan, is part of the company’s ambition 'to be the fastest growing global beer company by giving customers an understanding of what it stands for, rather than just a recognisable label'.

I would suggest they achieve this by making their product taste better/more distinctive than all the other middle of the road, nondescript lagers (step forward Fosters, Heineken and Carling) that blight the country's pubs, clubs and supermarkets. 

But if that's too much like hard work, yep, a new logo might just do it.


  1. but that's the point - all these lagers do taste the same - so the differentiation comes from branding and association... thought you would understand that!

  2. If the beer's going to stay the same aren't they simply over promising and continuing to under deliver?

  3. Mike Fletcher3 May 2011 at 16:28

    @mr_benn. Yep, agree with you. I was indirectly suggesting a better long-term strategy would be to improve the product rather than solely concentrating on rebranding.


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