what have Stacey Solomon and East Midlands Trains got in common?

Only the other week we were praising East Midlands Trains for their ad campaign with celebrity twins Jedward.

Firstly it was different, and secondly, the use of twins was relevant to the campaign.

The company has since employed Dagenham based Stacey Solomon to be the face of its latest campaign - highlighting their great value fares. Whilst Miss Solomon can be classed as a celebrity (she is still riding the back of her recent 'I'm a Celebrity' success) and will therefore guarantee a certain amount of exposure, I'm struggling to see her relevance to either East Midlands Trains as a brand, or her association with searching for great value fares.

The best celebrity endorsements come about when there is a true connection between brand and individual - Jamie Oliver and Sainsbury's, David Beckham and Adidas are two great examples.

Stacey Solomon and East Midlands Trains, I'm not so sure.

See for yourself.


  1. Not specifically an endorsement. More anyone, even a thick Essex girl can use this easy site. Works well I think.

  2. Funny, I was going to say that but thought better of it. Really like all the EMT work - better than most of the other train companies.

  3. Maybe it's trying to show how 'cheap' both are ;)


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