Tyne and Wear goes all Pop!

A new Smartcard initiative called 'Pop' has recently been launched in Tyne and Wear.

The scheme, which will continue to roll out over the next two years, sees ticketless travel introduced to all forms of public transport in the area. Users of the Metro, bus, ferry and rail systems will all benefit in a scheme that it is hoped can adapted for other retail, public and commercial uses in the future.

Congratulations must go to NESTI - the North East Smart Ticketing Initiative - not only for investing in the scheme in the first place but having the balls to challenge things creatively.

Firstly they have gone for a short, catchy name in Pop (as in 'Pop in to town') and secondly they have gone for a design execution that is fun, bright and engaging.

As we've always said - you've got to give people a reason to change their behavior and be different in the way you do it.

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