at the next stop, please remove your trousers

Around 100 people got the tube with no trousers on this week, as part of the annual No Trousers Tube Ride: London.

The event, originally set up in the US in 2002, aims to promote more silliness in the world and give people more things to laugh about. Hard to argue with that really!

Volunteers needed to have a willingness to take their trousers off on public transport and the 'ability' to keep a straight face about it.

Yep, it might be silly and have no real point but I can't help thinking there is something in this type of approach that bus and train companies can pick up on. If nothing else, a stunt of this nature will generate positive PR for the operator and bring a little smile to the faces of their passengers.

Just needs someone to challenge the status quo, take a punt and see what they can come up with.

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