Virgin on the ridiculous

Virgin Trains stand for everything I like about a brand. 

They're dynamic, they challenge the marketing status quo and they're not afraid to upset a few people along the way. However not everything they do meets with my customer perspective approval.

Take their on board 'train shop' - selling the usual selection of tea, coffee, and food goodies. In an increasingly cashless society, they've taken the decision to stop taking debit/credit cards thus restricting hungry and thirsty punters to the currency of good old fashioned cash.

Now I'm no economist but surely limiting the ways in which people can pay will not only decrease sales but also cheese off a few passengers along the way.

I doubt it will be a deal breaker when deciding to travel with Virgin or not but it will definitely sow a little seed of customer service doubt.


  1. This is very backward considering, for the first time, UK consumers have spent more this year using their debit cards than with cash.


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