bmi try to rebrand...

Follow a 'strategic review of its brand', the airline bmi has unveiled a new logo using the name British Midland International.

According to the company's chief commercial officer Joerg Hennemann, the new logo offers a “larger logo footprint, enabling it to achieve greater presence and standout in its communications.”

In a nutshell the brief to the agency was 'make the logo a damn sight bigger and then they might choose us'.

I'm in the dark as to bmi's financial performance but one can only assume they have rebranded as there was room for improvement in the results. Why bother otherwise?

Unfortunately as we have said a number of times of this blog, designing a new logo will have have little or no effect on the bottom line. Creating a real point of difference in your service, your pricing, your advertising, your fleet etc is the only way to have any effect on passenger psyche before they buy.

When was the last time Ryanair changed their logo?


  1. Great points. Everyone changes a logo and wants to call it a rebrand. No, its just a redesign.


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