Yeo Valley raps in its brilliant new ad.

The ad, part of a £4million campaign, was first aired in the break of the Xfactor (their target market is young mums).

The Yeo Valley farmers "cooked a rap video" rapping not about their bling, girls and fast cars but instead their cows, tractors and wax jackets - matters a little bit closer to home.

It goes along with our belief that to do anything that is going to have dramatic, results you need to do something really different. This takes balls, and fair play to Yeo Valley for doing it. It is a big money gamble.

Our belief is proven by the viewing, and more importantly the comment numbers, from the YouTube ad: 141,103 views and 1,028 comments in three days (unlike this). Now, while these figures don't always translate into increased sales, it does show that people have taken notice.

The clever bit however, is that like good TV advertising from the past (think Budwierser Wassup etc.), it aims to get the product name into the language of the people. You could just hear people singing Yeo Valley! Yeo Valley! down the pub to their mates. That's priceless for a brand.

This type of ad is rare nowadays, with our penchant for big production, 'engaging', 'emotional', 'brand' ads that you could stick any company logo on the end of. How many times have you said to someone 'Did you see that ad last night? I can't remember who it's for, but it was brilliant!'? Not good when you've just spent £godknowshowmanymillion on your latest ad.