Stansted Express campaign fails to impress the ASA

National Express Group, owners of the Stansted Express, have been reprimanded by the advertising watchdog over a recent ad campaign.

The posters which highlighted the Stansted Airport to Liverpool Street Station service, were deemed to have misled travelers in to believing the service could reach 'central' London in just 35 minutes.

Unfortunately, 35 mins will only get you as far as Tottenham Hale - hardly the bright lights and glitz of the West End that most people would class as the heart of the capital.

However you can get to the service's destination, Liverpool Street Station, in just 45 minutes - a whole 10 minutes later! Maybe National Express - instead of trying to justify the 35 minute inclusion - should have spent a few quid on some amended artwork and another round of production - then be satisfied with a well executed piece of advertising.

Is the additional journey time likely to be that off putting in comparison to the more expensive modal choices? Didn't think so.