an outstanding viral, but will it sell any Tippex?

Tippex has gone viral with a very nicely produced interactive YouTube campaign, titled “NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear!”.

At the end of the video the hunter erases 'shoots' from the title with some Tippex and then you can type what the hunter should do to the bear.

Although it's very impressive, it's not completely original. Burger King and their ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky released 'Subservient Chicken' in 2004 and One Of The Lads released “Car Wash Girls“, around about the same time. Also isn't “NSFW” in the title a bit of a cheap shot? The campaign could have done just as well without it.

Another thought is that the majority of people flocking to YouTube to interact with this campaign probably haven’t picked up paper and pen in years, let alone Tippex. Is digital the correct medium to advertise correction fluid? Maybe, I suppose only time and sales figures will tell.

Nevertheless, great viral campaign.