Eurostar's new TV ad is beautifully ineffective

Whilst watching the England game with my dad last night I saw Eurostar's first TV advert in 3 years, marking the launch of Eurostar's new campaign, Exploring is beautiful.

Now before you watch it (if you haven't already seen it) read Eurostar's description of what the ad is trying to get across:

"Reflecting the spirit of exploration, the ad is designed to capture people's imaginations. Directed by Fallon's Juan Cabral, it showcases a young girl's tenacity and inquisitiveness as she searches for animals that will talk to her.

It acts as an emotional reflection of how Eurostar would like their travellers to explore Europe. Encouraging them to go further than Paris & Brussels. So that they look beyond the norm, question what might be possible, and ultimately re-assess the way they travel to Europe."

Now, I agree, it is beautifully shot and a lovely piece of film, but, does it really encourage travellers to go further? Look beyond the norm? Question what might be possible? And ultimately re-assess the way they travel to Europe?

As my dad so eloquently put it...

"are you sh*ting me?!?" "what was that on about?".

Unfortunately it's yet another example of a big-money, "emotionally engaging", brand campaign that lacks any real idea or product benefit.

It's so generic, you could stick virtually any other company's logo at the end and it would make just as much sense. Even more so if it were for a telephone company, which is what my dear old dad thought it was advertising.

As we've said on many occasions, the art of advertising is simple:

Find a benefit of your product over the competition and then comunicate it in and interesting and memorable way.