who's to blame - agency or client?

A Facebook campaign for the Coca-Cola owned Dr Pepper brand has come under fire.

The campaign, created by digital agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine, allowed them to take over the Facebook status box of users who agreed to take part. And proved a massive success.

However, the promotion backfired when a Mum saw her 14-year-old daughter's Facebook page – or rather the Dr Pepper campaign she had joined – had been updated with a message that made direct reference to a hardcore pornographic film.

So Coca-Cola is now reviewing its relationship with the agency - telling them to stop advertising work on all their brands - despite the fact that they signed off the offending remark. Coca-Cola say they didn't realise its true meaning.

So who's to blame - agency or client?

Update: Since this post, Coca-Cola and Lean Mean Fighting Machine have mutually agreed to part company.