do customers really care?

Recently read a quote from ad legend Lee Clow along the lines of 'most people don't have enough time to interact with their kids, let alone your brand'. This got me thinking.

We recently put together a creative proposal for a well known train company. Their evaluation of previous campaigns showed that customers were not in the slightest bothered about their brand or what it 'stood for on an emotional level'. Couldn't care less. The client wasn't best pleased, we weren't surprised.

The reality is that 99% of consumers have no allegiance to a particular brand or have any attachment to one in the slightest. They buy a product because they always have, it was on offer, a friend told them about it etc - rarely for the reasons marketers hope they do.

Although customers face a choice about whether or not to use the train, they rarely have a choice in which operator they can travel with. Maybe that's the point - no choice, no affinity?