are you hearing voices?

Nottingham City Transport (NCT) have launched a campaign to find two 'voices' for their bus services.

Would-be announcers for service 77 to Strelley and 45 to Netherfield can send in voice recordings to NCT and their suitability assessed. Spokesman Anthony Carver-Smith said: "We're certainly after a quirky local voice, somebody who's got a bit of a bounce in their step. It gives you that reflection of the city.

The new system involves announcing the name of the next stop on the route and the final destination. It aims to help blind or partially-sighted passengers as well as people using a route for the first time.

Anything that makes life easier for passengers to get around by bus should be welcomed. It's about time more company's appreciated that not everyone understands what route the bus will take and what all the stops are called.