Nick Clegg and The Lib Dems' faliure proves our point...

All the research and polls pointed towards Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems performing far better in this election, but as we have said in a previous Moving People newsletter - you shouldn't always believe the research.

Why is this? It's down to human psychology - the reluctance of people to try something new and different.

People always overestimate the attractiveness of new ideas and always underestimate the reluctance to try something new and different.

We have seen literally hundreds of advertising campaigns for new products, tickets, routes etc.

Almost every one has been either a reasonably good idea or an improvement on what went before. But most weren't compelling enough to overcome our in-built reluctance to try something new and different.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is paying too much attention to research or colleagues/decision maker's opinions in the development stage of a new product.

People will tell you it's a good idea. But what they can NEVER tell you, is whether it's good enough to eclipse the inertia of their established buying (or voting in this case) habits.

The hardest thing to overcome in public transport marketing is not price, quality, image or branding - it's the resistance to change.